Friday, October 29, 2010

Keeping Everything in Perspective

A lot of people have told me that they can't really tell how small Eloise is from the pictures I've posted. 
Here is one to put her size in perspective. 

This picture was taken during Eloise's 'carseat test'.  This 'test' involves buckling the baby into the carseat and having her sit for 90 minutes while her vital signs are monitored.  The purpose is to make sure the baby's small body can withstand the 'rigors' of sitting upright in her seat for an extended amount of time without anything going wrong.  Eloise passed with flying colors!  (That is if flying colors means fussing a bit then falling asleep for the duration.) 

This is one more big step toward coming home!

(The hat in the picture is one from Eloise's new collection, made (of course) by her Grandma Williams.)


Amy Kirk said...

Three cheers for Eloise. I can't wait to meet her in person. Bless you, Louise.

Leah said...

My perspective is still off. It looks to me like you bought a gargantuanly over-sized carseat. Weird.

And wow, that little girl is going to have the cutest little knitted wardrobe anyone ever did see.

MissB said...
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MissB said...

Yeah, Eloise. You look so sweet in your little hat : ) You have so many people who love you!

It will be nice to see you home with your little girl, Louise

Miss you. Hope to see you soon

Joan Scamman said...

She is so teeny tiny! You are right that definitely puts it in perspective. Thats amazing a little person could be that tiny - and I know she probably has gained weight right!
Well, Daniel came home bragging that he got to see Elouise already!! I can't wait to see her but I'm glad you are keeping her away from sickly people and crowds!! Bless you!

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