Saturday, October 16, 2010

Blessed with so many aunts & uncles!

Last night, Eloise had a visit from three of her uncles - George, Jordan, & Chris. 

Also, Aunt Naomi made Eloise a new video with lots of pictures and some footage Aunt Grace took. 

Eloise is blessed to have so many aunts and uncles who love her!


Kaylee Hicks said...

That is so sweet. I know what you mean about lots of aunts and uncles. Our babe will have similar circumstances. The gracious God we serve blesses us with so many more outside our direct families. This "auntie" can't wait to meet baby Eloise! Love you lots!

PS: It's amazing how much George reminds me of your dad, Louise!

Leah said...

I love to see young men ogling over babies. It does them great credit. (Good future husband material too!)
And I agree with Kaylee - I thought George was the spittin' image of Mike in that shot.

Christine Williams said...

Yes very sweet, and I also agree with Leah,the picture of her with all her uncles and her Dad will be on you will want for a long time. I also thought that George looked just like you Dad

Anonymous said...

Jesus loves you this I know baby Eloise..You are so beautiful and perfect. My day was made when I saw you this morning. Nate and Louise we love you, Pat and Nancy

danjoan2 said...

The video did bring me to tears. It's like God's love for each of us so unconditional. We are blessed for you and can't wait to meet Elouise in person! Mattie is with me watching some of the videos he said when it was done...."she is sooo tiny"
We love you!

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