Sunday, September 12, 2010

What kind of faucet do you have?

We are choosing our new kitchen faucets.  I never realized how many thousands of faucets are available!  What kind do you have?  Do you recommend it?  We want to know the pros and cons of different faucets to help us choose our own.  We are looking for a faucet for our main sink and one for our prep sink.  Please let me know what you recommend!  Thanks so much!


Christine Williams said...

Well Louise, I am not a mother so I do not know that much about faucets other then what my Dad has told me. We used to have a white Moen with faucet but it began to leak because it would not turn off we then got a silver Moen faucet with a little bit different of a shape and it has worked great. I just suggest from seeing other peoples that you check how deep you sink is going to be, because sometimes the shape and pressure of the faucet can splash water out of the sink of your sink is not deep enough. I hope I was of some kind of help:)

Oh and one more thing, try to have your colors match such as white with white etc. (Ours do not :(

Leah said...

I tried to find out what our faucets are, but they are all custom made color so they don't have the name on them. We had Moen on Devoe Street and our kitchen faucet broke twice (in nine years) but both times they sent us a brand new one no charge, so that was good.
I would make sure I get a "sprayer" in your kitchen sinks, either as part of the faucet or right beside it. They make it so much easier to rinse out your sinks and keep them clean.
And if you get a "metal" color faucet (silver, stainless steel, or bronze) it's nice to make sure they match you cabinet handles (or knobs) and your light fixtures. You know those little details make all the difference.
If you get white or cream I guess it doesn't matter.

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