Thursday, February 24, 2011


Nathaniel completely surprised me Tuesday night with a birthday party at our house.  We had gone to get a coffee before going to my parents' house for dinner, or so I thought.  After coffee, we had to stop by our house to get something we forgot (so far, nothing out of the ordinary...).  I was busy talking and did not see the other cars in our driveway... Sitting in the car in the driveway I continued to chatter to Nathaniel about the day, when suddenly I saw my mom in the house!  Still unsuspecting I said, "Wow, what's my mom doing over here and did she walk through the snow?"  My moment of realization was when Nathaniel turned toward me, with a beaming smile, and said, "Do you want to go in?" 

And so the party started!  I think we had 38 people in our house that night! 

Lucy, 'Lisabeth, George, & Eloise

I am a very blessed woman!

Lu & Eloise

Uncle Jordan & Eloise, Uncle George & Lucy, Uncle Chris & George

Grandpa Hier & George

No gathering is complete without a train setup!
I'm so thankful that our conversation is centered around the Word of God, from which we have been given our values.  
I kept thinking of Deuteronomy 6:20-25 because without the story being taught (daily), we and our children will be in bondage. 
It was very special to have my father, father-in-law, brothers, brothers-in-law, and cousins toasting at my birthday party. 


Leah said...

Happy Birthday Louise :)

I always like seeing you and Nate together. You are such a good example of the joy and contentment that can be had by a young couple which is founded on God's Word and freely living and giving their lives in faith. We appreciate you.

Christal said...

I was looking at your large family photo and thought, "Hold on...what's my brother doing in there??" O, Yeah... now I remember, he's related ;) It makes me smile to see God mixing us up. He truly does place each member in the body as it pleases Him... ( Corinthians 12:18 )
Happy Birthday.
love, Christal

Kathryn said...

Happy Birthday Louise. I am glad you had a great one! Ean sends his birthday wishes too :-)

Joe and Grace said...

I like the uncle picture!
And I'm pretty glad that Christal's brother made it into this weird group too! ;-)
Love you, Grace K.

Joan Scamman said...

Bless you Louise, we love you!! Happy Birthday

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