Thursday, September 2, 2010

No more chimney!

Today the chimney was taken out of our house, giving us more space in the kitchen and one of the bedrooms upstairs.
Need any bricks?
The kitchen with no chimney in the way!
Standing in the kitchen looking at the sky
More work in the kitchen 
We're having so much fun in our new house!
Look what's been hiding in the kitchen wall!

A bird's nest, complete with empty egg shells!

The beautiful close of a full day


Elaine said...

It looks like you are really moving along. The boys say their hearts are with you. They'll be glad to help with the clean work.

Leah said...

Nathaniel just looks like in his glory, recreating HIS OWN HOME! I think it's in every man's heart to do this for his family. I'm sure it's going to be just lovely Louise. Nice sunset too - it that taken from your upstairs?

Louise said...

I'm not actually sure where on the property the sunset picture was taken. I was driving from our duplex to the house with some supplies (icecream bars for our helpers) as the sun was setting. It was so beautiful, I wished I had my camera! When I got to the new house, the sun was already gone! I was lamenting this fact when my sister Emily said, "Oh, I took a picture for you!" Thanks so much Emily!

Veronica and Victoria Williams said...

Wow! That opens up the entire space- That is so exciting that you are getting so much done!

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