Tuesday, September 28, 2010

A photo show update

Here is a little update to show what's been happening at our house lately. 
Several rooms upstairs are textured and ready to be primed and painted.  The living/dining room is being mudded, and the kitchen is being sheet rocked.  Thank you, everyone who is helping us with all of this!


Jane said...

Nathan, Annie, and I enjoyed watching the photos.

Annie saw the white walls and said use use fixed them (As far as she is concerned Susie is building your house).

Nathan said "I like your new house. I could help hammer some nails".

Bless you today

Susie Hier said...

Nice progress, the tortoise is slowly but surely coming to the finish line! Having white walls right now from the mud and texture makes the house look very clean and fresh. Bless You!

Susie Hier said...

Sorry Annie I am not that talented. Well not right now at least, but is nice to know you think of me more times than when I am dangling a treat in front of you.

Louise, I am looking forward to prime and paint.

Vic said...

Nice photo slide. I like the progress.

we need to get a crew in there and get it painted for them!

Leah said...

I can't wait to come visit the Nathaniel and Louise Williams family with their new little babe, together in their new lovely home. It won't be long now, although at this point it may seem to be a small forever!
I love you Louise.

Louise said...

Leah, I think your "Consider the Lilies" post was for me. Although my days get a bit long, I have a living hope that makes it worth the wait!
Once we're somewhat settled into the house, we'll have your family over. Thank you!

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