Tuesday, May 17, 2011

I shoulda known better...

This weekend was so much fun, but too much sun for Eloise! 
When I first saw her puffy, red face Sunday morning, I felt terrible and said, "Never again will I let this happen!"  (Optimistic, I know, but a good goal.)  Now that I know whose fair skin she's inherited, we will keep our sunscreen ever present.

Here's Eloise getting ready for another beautiful day. 

Look what I have!  (See her poor face?)
Read the directions,
apply liberally,
and of course, taste!

Here is our beautiful garden, ready for planting!


April said...

She has acquired a fine taste in sunscreen products, I must say :)

Oh Eloise, you inspire me:

A day of fun,
Three days of sun,
The little girl of South Bay.

Whose skin so fair,
With bright red hair,
The little girl of South Bay.

Though sun shines bright,
I see her plight,
The little girl of South Bay.

Oh, little girl of South Bay,
Do try and enjoy today!

Kaylee Hicks said...

Louise! I'm in Maui & being extra careful with Izzie. Your garden is beautiful!

Leah said...

Been there Louise!
I love your garden spot too!

Joe and Grace said...

Louise, I love the sunscreening story in your pictures! Hannah and I will have to walk over soon to see you, Eloise and your garden.
Nice poem, April :-)
Grace K.

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