Thursday, June 2, 2011

Multitasking Hall of Fame

I learned quite a few new 'multipurposing' tricks from this article, "101 New Uses for Everyday Things: The Multitasking Hall of Fame." 

While I know quite a few women who should be in the multitasking hall of fame, this article is about common household items.  For example, everyone knows lemons are good in tea, but did you know that cleaning your stained wooden or plastic cutting boards with lemon will lighten the stains?  Or that rubbing the pulp side of a sliced lemon on a cheese grater will soften the hardened cheese? 

Lemons aren't the only item on this list.  Salt, olive oil, newspaper, coffee filters, and softener sheets are some of the other hall of famers. 

Here is Eloise enjoying our beautiful yard on Memorial Day. 


Kaylee Hicks said...

That's pretty amazing!

Patricia Hier said...

Thanks Louise. I'll try that on my cutting boards.
I think that's my favorite..of Eloise

Leah said...

Great tip Louise. You need to post more from the book! (Please!? ;) I love learning new ways to tackle cleaning.

Ruth said...

Eloise is getting so big! Thanks for the email. I appreciate it. I don't deserve the least of His mercies. Maybe one of these Saturdays I'll see ya at Koinania:)

Mary Phares said...

Good tips Louise. Thanks! The picture of Eloise is so sweet. We are certainly blessed with more than we deserve. I'm very thankful that our little girls will grow up as cousins and friends, with many "aunts and uncles"!
- Mary

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