Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Ah, How Great is God's Blessing!

"Ah, how great is God's blessing in marriage! How great a joy posterity affords a man! It certainly is the most delightful joy of parents!" 
-Martin Luther, What Luther Says #401

Ten months ago yesterday, we were blessed beyond comparison with the birth of our daughter, Eloise Joy.  The story of her early arrival and subsequent weeks in the hospital are told here and here.

Through the glass of her isolette

At two weeks old, we could hold her almost whenever we wanted to... We were longing to bring her home!

I love this picture. 
The doll to the left was the closest we could find to Eloise's birth size, and it was still too big!

Same baby, same carseat, ten months later!

She is just starting to play with her dolly.  (same dolly that out-sized and out-weighed her)

Giving kisses!

Our big girl!  Look at her go!


bevkimmel said...

She is quite the hotrodder! What darling pictures! It is so good to see how she has grown compared to her little dolly!

Leah said...

That doll being pummeled with a kiss from Eloise reminds me of the overdose-of-love-from-adoring-sibling moments each of my new babies has been overwhelmed with over the years.

Dakotapam said...

What a blessing children are. I got a set of twin dolls for the girls' first Christmas last year. They are about the same size as the girls were at birth. What a great reminder of how small they were! Happy birthday to your little miracle! Thanks for stopping by my place!

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