Monday, April 4, 2011

Spring's around the corner...

Spring's around the corner!  We can feel it in the air!

Aunt Naomi took photos of Eloise for me on Sunday (finally!)
Imagine looking at grass for the first time.
Eloise is very curious.  She's never been outside like this before.
There are so many new things to see.  I love how she's holding the daffodil here.
I don't know why she's staring so hard at the camera here.  (She's definitely seen cameras before! :-)

Ruby is a good helper!
And finally... a smile!


Elaine said...

These photos are so nice.

Bethany said...

Awww, those pictures of Eloise look so nice! The death grip on the daffodil is pretty funny! Maybe someday Naomi will come do the same for Norah....

Leah said...

Wow Louise, she certainly is looking different from the last time I looked closely at her. I love when babies start becoming a little person, if you know what I mean - alert and interested in interacting. I like the daffodil picture too - something about her eyes.

Louise said...

Bethany - Let's get some pics these next two weeks! :-)

Leah - I know what you mean about becoming a little person. I wish we knew what she's thinking at times, with all the different expressions she makes. You should see the back-arching fit she can throw if she drops her cracker!

Kaylee Hicks said...

Those are very sweet! I love outdoor photos! How did you get Naomi to do it? I've been trying.

Chris and Jane said...

Wow she is a sweetie. Bless you.
I always hear the song "Bless the Lord ... for he has done great things" in my head when I look at her pictures.

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